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Construction Insurance – Are You Covered?

Posted By Judith on October 15, 2011

Before you embark on a construction project, you should understand the different types of insurance that you need. Choose the right types of policies and coverage to protect you and your family. If you use a general contractor, then make sure that the contractor’s business has at a minimum: Commercial General Liability with at least [...]

How Do I Pay My Builder?

Posted By Judith on July 15, 2011

  There are basically three methods of paying your contractor to build or remodel your house: Turn-key price; Cost plus a percentage; Cost plus a flat fee. There are pros and cons to each method. Here is a basic overview:   Turn-key price – In this method, the price you pay is locked in for [...]

The “Price Per Square Foot” Myth

Posted By Judith on April 15, 2011

As you build or remodel, beware of the “price per square foot” myth.  This myth can get you in a whole lot of budgetary hot water.  The construction and real estate industry throw the “price per square foot” term around a lot, but you need to really understand what it means BEFORE you start your [...]

Should I Buy Real Estate Now?

Posted By Judith on February 4, 2011

There are several factors that make buying real estate attractive now – especially in Williamson County, Tennessee.  Real estate prices are at some of the lowest levels seen in years, if not decades.  And, given the recent reports of potential and expected job growth in this county, real estate is a hot investment right now.  [...]

How Do I Build/Remodel While Keeping My Sanity and My Marriage Intact?

Posted By Judith on January 15, 2011

Building or remodeling a house can be a great experience.  But it can also be stressful on you and your marriage.  Here are our 10 Tips to Keep your Sanity and your Marriage during your project: 1 – Be a team with a game plan Sit down with your spouse and agree on a budget [...]